Unforgettable victory. Gevorg Davtyan

Gevorg Davtyan
Gevorg Davtyan

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Armenia’s Best Athlete of 2007, Olympic Games bronze medalist, twice Europe champion and World Championship silver medalist Gevorg Davtyan is one of our most titled and popular athletes.

The weightlifter retired after a serious injury, but he continues to follow Armenian weightlifting. Mediamax Sport gladly presents Gevorg Davtyan in the “Unforgettable Victory” series.

Armenian team gave a great performance and took the 2nd place in the European Championship in Strasbourg, 2007.

My unforgettable victory was in Strasbourg when I was declared Europe champion for the 2nd year in succession.

Ara Khachatryan and I competed against Olympic champion Turk Taner Sagir in the under 77 kg weight category. The struggle for championship was between the three of us.

Sagir lifted only 160 kg in the snatch exercise against Ara’s 165. Ara is lighter than me so I ordered 166 kg for the last attempt. I knew I had to complete the exercise correctly, I was going for the golden medal. I was incredibly happy when I lifted that weight.

During the clean and jerk exercise, I used all three attempts and lifted 197 kg in the last one. I became Europe champion with 363 kg total result.

We were very happy at the awarding ceremony as two Armenians were standing on the podium, proving their strength again.

I experienced incredible feelings when I became European champion. You deprive yourself of so many things, you train so hard to show the best of your abilities at the competition. And when you finally achieve your goal and become a champion, you understand that everything wasn’t in vain. I was the happiest man in Strasbourg competitions.

I miss all that when I look back now: training, tournaments, always being in competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to recover after the injury and the surgery, otherwise I would be back in sport again.

Gohar Nalbandyan recalled the victory with Gevorg Davtyan


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