Unforgettable victory: Simon Martirosyan

Photo: From personal archive

European Champion and silver medalist of the Olympic Games Simon Martirosyan has registered innumerable victories, gold medals and records in his career.

He was popular as one of the strongest athletes even among youth. In this edition of Mediamax Sport’s Unforgettable victory Martirosyan remembered his first gold medal and feelings as a champion.

In 2013 I became a gold medalist in an international tournament for the first time. I participated in Youth World Championship in Tashkent back then. Previously, I won bronze medals in European and World championships. This was the first time I took the gold medal.

I lifted 165 kg in snatch and 200 kg in clean and jerk. I used 5 attempts effectively. This was also an opportunity to qualify for Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

My coaches calculated everything, and they knew that I would qualify even if I took the 3rd place. I was prepared psychologically for the competition, and I was able to defeat all my competitors and become the winner.

That victory was a very important and unforgettable experience for me. I was overwhelmed, understanding what it felt like to be a champion.

I continued my advancement from that day on. I won a number of medals, but I haven’t yet become World and Olympic champion, the most important titles I would like to have. I owe everything to weightlifting, as it gave me recognition, fame, friends. I like my sport a lot and I will do my best to gradually achieve all my goals in this discipline.

It’s been 5 years since my first success. I always wish to be in the battle, as I like the competition process. However, to win in a weightlifting competition, one needs to be physiologically strong and prepared, as your only competitor is the barbell. If you doubt your ability to lift it even for a second, you will definitely lose.

We have little time, a little more than a month for me to try to become a winner in World Championship. I don’t know whether I will achieve my goal, but I will aim at winning a gold medal in Ashgabat.

Hasmik Babayan talked to Simon Martirosyan


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