How the strong ones win: Hakob Mkrtchyan’s golden campaign

Photo: IWF

Photo: IWF

Photo: IWF

World Championship in Pattaya is particularly important for athletes, as it rewards them not only with medals, but also with Olympic quotas.

Armenia had quite a strong team in Pattaya, which could compete for the prize places.

The anticipated wins did come, and it started with Hakob Mkrtchyan. The European champion has been considered one of the main favorites in this competition. The predictions paid off: Mkrtchyan lifted enough kilograms to take the gold.

Photo: IWF

During clean and jerk, when the tension was getting to a boiling point, Hakob walked up to the 208kg bar and lifted it, cementing his place as the strongest athlete on that day.

The Armenian weightlifter found himself in the spotlight after winning the championship. He received congratulations from teammates, coaches and competitors and climbed the podium with the flag of Armenia he brought to Thailand specifically for this reason.

The competition was tough and lasted until the very end in the 89kg weight category. Many athletes were up for medals, so it is no coincidence that so many medalists were on the podium.

Photo: IWF

And finally, the moment comes when the athlete steps on the podium. Endless hard work and trainings, injuries, successful and failed attempts, - all that is worth living when you get to win the World Championship in the end.

Armenia might have more victorious moments to enjoy in Pattaya, as 5 other Armenian weightlifters are waiting for their turn to compete.


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