Karapetyan: We proved that Armenians win in any situation

Andranik Karapetyan
Andranik Karapetyan

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Andranik Karapetyan managed to get from European bronze medalist to the “Old World” champion in just 1 year, with a difference of 1 day.

The 20-year-old athlete had a total result of 367 kg and won the European Championship in Førde, Norway.

Karapetyan told Mediamax Sport about a champion’s feelings, support for homeland and expectations from the Olympics.

-Andranik, this is your first champion title. Could you tell us what you feel?

-I felt the joy of victory before. This time was no exception, I had the same feelings and was infinitely happy, as I managed to carry out my tasks.

-We could see that you were very calm and prepared before the competition. What helped you get into such great shape?

-We prepared very well before the Championship, worked hard and built our spirit. I was confident about my strength, that is why there was no tension and I performed very calmly.

-The struggle for gold was between Armenians. You lost to Tigran Martirosyan in 2015 European Championship, this year you were undefeatable. What can you tell about your competition?

-It’s great that Armenian athletes remain the strongest in 77 kg weight category. I am only inspired to have strong competitors, particularly if they are my friends and countrymen. However, my only opponent is the barbell, I achieve my goal when I defeat it.

-What changed in your career during that one year? What helped you grow so much?

-I consistently added weight, trained hard and lifted more kilograms at every tournament.

-You know that situation in Armenia is tense now, and your victory was very important for us. What will you say to our compatriots?

-We felt that tension too, even though we were far from home. At the same time, the responsibility grew. We did everything for our flag to wave in Norway, and proved to everyone again that Armenians win in any situation.

-You said you would dedicate your victory to our soldiers if you succeeded.

-Now, when I have a gold medal, I can say confidently that I dedicate this victory to our brave soldiers who defend the borders.

-This is the year of Olympics, and naturally, the main goal is to perform well at the Games. What is your attitude before the Olympics?

-This victory was very important for me, it inspired me and gave me more energy. I will try to perform well at the Olympics and win a medal at any cost.

Hasmik Babayan talked to Andranik Karapetyan


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