Berezovsky: Roman and the Armenia national team

Roman Berezovsky
Roman Berezovsky

Photo: Mediamax

On March 29, the Armenia national football team will hold its first match this year. After a long pause, Armenian fans will again have a chance to watch our footballers play. They will attempt to not only play well in Albania v Armenia match, but also earn three points and again rejoice us all.

Ahead of the match, Mediamax Sport had a meeting with experienced and beloved captain of our national Roman Berezovsky with whose help we will introduce the players of our national. 

Gevorg Kasparov: I have known Gevorg for a long time. We always stay in the same room during the camps. I feel very comfortable with him and we always do our best to help each other during the matches and trainings. He has good reaction.

Robert Arzumanyan: Robert’s absence on the defense line was highly tangible when his injury forced him to miss the national’s matches. We feel more confident on the pitch when he is with us.

Hrayr Mkoyan: Hrayr is one of the primary players of the central defense. He is a very important player for us.

Varazdat Haroyan: Varazdat stands out with his bold game and ability to play well “on the second floor.” He has already managed to gain more practice and not to commit errors – not to get red cards or become a reason for penalties.

Levon Hayrapetyan: Levon is an excellent player, especially when he joins the attacks. He acts swiftly and takes right decisions. He played quite well before the injury. We hope he will soon play for a strong team.

Roman Berezovsky Roman Berezovsky

Photo: Mediamax

Kamo Hovhannisyan: Speed is one of his most important aspects. He started defending the national team colors from a young age and owing to that, he has obtained a wealth of experience. He will become a good right defender or midfielder.

Karlen Mkrtchyan: Our team feels much better when he is in good health and form. It is clear that the central part is as important for any team as the foundation for the building.

Artur Yedigaryan: The same refers to Artur. We have attained positive results in all matches Yedigaryan played with us. He seems to be our mascot.

Edgar Manucharyan: It’s very good Edgar plays in the starting lineup of his club. I think he has joined the national in a good form. We’ll see it in Albania.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan: For already many years he is the best Armenian footballer. He never spares himself for the national. No matter he has the captain’s armband or not, he always leads the national forward.

Gevorg Ghazaryan: It’s good that Gevorg is gaining match practice in the new team. The national will also greatly benefit from it. He now plays very confidently and is in a good form.

Marcos Pizzelli: Marcos has also joined the national in quite a good form. Trainings show that he moves quite swiftly and easily.
Roman Berezovsky Roman Berezovsky

Photo: Mediamax

Yura Movsisyan: I think he will go all out for the match with Albania, especially considering that he is not in the starting lineup of his club.

Artur Sarkisov: He always helps his team whenever he is on the pitch. He was one of the best in the match with Serbia. He does his best to stand out after replacing.

Newcomers: I cannot describe them well yet as we have trained a little together. Gael Andonian seems to be well prepared – the European school immediately catches the eye. I did not have much chance to watch Ruslan Koryan but if he has been invited to the national, then he must be a good player.

Young players: Many of them have already spent much time in the team. They have progressed and have drawn lessons from their senior teammates. It would be good if they played for higher-end football clubs.

Roman Berezovsky: I constantly work on my self-improvement and get ready for the match with Albania. This match is highly important for us, and will give an answer to many questions.

Hasmik Babayan, Gohar Nalbandian


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