Henrikh Mkhitaryan: I had a dream and I went for it

Photo: AC Roma

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has given a short interview on the Youtube channel of Armenian Embassy in Italy.

Mediamax Sport presents some of Mkhitaryan’s remarks about AS Roma, football, and his dreams.

It’s so interesting to play in Serie A, the league is getting better and better. I am happy to play in Italy. The fans are crazy in a good way. I am happy to be a Roma player and I play for the fans.

Football is a team sport, and I do everything to help my teammates and they are helping me. I won’t give names but we have wonderful players who can do more and more and help Roma win.

Italians and Armenians have many similarities, that is why I feel very good here and life is very interesting.

When I was flying from London to Roma in September, the flight attendant asked me if I already signed the contract. I replied that everything would be decided in Rome. So many journalists were in the airport when we arrived in Rome, so I asked the Roma Spokesperson why they were there, because I hadn’t signed anything. The Spokesperson said: “This is Italy, everyone is crazy about football and everyone knows everything. Be ready!” I didn’t know if I was a Roma play yet, but the people did.

Before I got married, all my thoughts were with my parents and sister. Now, when I have a son, all my thoughts are with him and my family. I haven’t played any games after he was born, but I will play soon, I hope. I always think about my family and I play for them.

I want to achieve more in football, I want to win titles for my club and leave good memories after me.

Italian is a beautiful language. I really wanted to learn Italian or Spanish when I was younger. I am studying Italian now, I have given several interviews in Italian, so I’m improving.

Roma’s fans are great. They stop my car for an autograph when I’m driving away from the stadium or approach me in the city. Of course, not all of them like me, but that is normal in football. I want to make the fans happy with the way I play, with goals and assists.

If younger players want to learn something from you, it means you are doing young job right, you are good at it. I always strived to be a high-class player. I work and aim for the best.

I always had a dream. I knew what I wanted and I went for it. I chose football because of my dad, and from the very first day, I aimed to play in top European teams. That is why I trained a lot, added hard work to talent, believed in myself and fought for my place.

The only difference between Italians and Armenians is the language. When I first came to Rome, I felt like I was in Armenia.


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