Maria Gevorgyan: We urge Europe and terrorists to lay down arms and negotiate

Photo: Mediamax

Holder of multiple national titles, Armenian grandmaster Maria Gevorgyan has addressed her foreign friends, expressing concerns over the growing terrorist presence in Europe in a message similar to those previously made by European states regarding the Karabakh conflict.

"Dear friends in Europe, hope you are safe. We are deeply concerned by the situation, and we call on both sides of the conflict - EU civilians and terrorists - to lay down their arms and try to find common understanding through peaceful negotiations. War is a terrible thing, you know, EU citizens and jihadists need to live in peace.

Sounds a bit absurd, right? But that's what Armenians hear for the last month. Anyway, I just want to remind you that there are guys in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Syria, and Pakistan, who are really happy about that terrible massacre in Vienna. And Armenians are now fighting those guys in an unequal war. Armenia stands with you.

You know what to do.

Help us stop international terrorism.

Demand to recognize Artsakh now!" she wrote on her Facebook page.

The incident in Vienna she refers to is a recent terrorist attack. According to unofficial data, the attack has left 7 people dead.


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