In One Shot: Usain Bolt’s champion racing in Rio

Photo: Getty Images

Usain Bolt participated in his last Olympic Games in Rio. Eight-time Olympic and eleven-time World champion marked his farewell with his special charm and gold medals.

This edition of Mediamax Sport’s In One Shot series is dedicated to the picture of Usain Bolt with a unique smile, taken at 100m racing competition of Rio Olympic Games semi-final.

Bolt was so confident during his performance and he had such an advantage over his competitors that he even managed to look at them and smile to Getty Images reporter Cameron Spencer.  Bolt was the best with 9.86 seconds even before the end of the racing.

He repeated his success in the final too. Olympic Champions Bolt and Justin Gatlin both won in their semi-finals of 100m racing and promised an incredible show in the final. Gatlin, who was disqualified after using doping earlier, returned to restore his authority.

It’s needless to say that Bolt was the winner in the competition with 9.81 seconds. “What else can I do to prove my greatness,” the racer said after the competition.

But he proved once again by winning 2 more Olympic gold medals in 200m racing and relay racing. He set 2 records and motivated the stadium with his energy and enthusiasm.

“The audience likes it. I am hopeful that young athletes will understand that sport look for people, who can pass their energy to others. The most important thing is not only winning, but living with sport,” Bolt told.

Many athletes used doping during men’s running competition, but Bolt succeeded to set many records and stay honest. “I proved to the whole world that sport can be honest. I made our sport attractive, I did everything possible so that people wished to come to the stadium and follow the competitions. I advanced running to a new level.”


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