In One Shot: Bobby Martin who made the impossible possible

Photo: Getty Images

Everyone can be engaged in sport regardless of financial, religious or physical qualities. 


Bobby Martin, who was born without legs, has proven this statement with his great will by becoming one of the most recognizable figures in American football. 


Bobby has been walking with the help of his hands since he was 2 years old. He says that his hands are as strong as if they were real legs. He played in the composition of the University of Cincinnati’s football team.


He joined the football team and started playing as soon as he was admitted to the university. Seeing his physical strength and willpower, the coach took him to the main composition. The referees didn’t allow him to enter the field, as according to the rules, one should wear leg guards to play. Naturally, a dispute started, but then he was allowed to participate in the university tournament. 


“My height not only doesn’t bother me in football, but it also helps me. You need to bend a lot to make a strong kick, so who would have been shorter in height than me in this case? I think no one. I like this sport and I feel great about it,” Martin says. 


He is a real source of inspiration for many kids, who wish to achieve success. “I always say that everyone is equal in sport, and it helps overcome everything; you need to commit to your profession”.


He won in ESPY in 2006, becoming the best athlete with physical issues. 


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