Vardan Minasyan: “I’ve never let anyone interfere with my job as a coach”

Vardan Minasyan
Vardan Minasyan

Photo: Mediamax

Former head coach of the Armenian national football team Vardan Minasyan left the post of the head coach at Kostana Tobol football club and returned to Yerevan. In his exclusive interview to Mediamax Sport, the famous football coach spoke about the reasons for resignation and future plans.

- Mr. Minasyan, in your exclusive interview to Mediamax Sport after your leaving the Armenian national football team, you said that you would like to try yourself in the club football on the international arena. What do you think your work in Kazakhstan gave you as a professional?

- I am thankful to the fate that I was given a chance to work in a foreign club. It was extensive experience in terms of communicating with people, changing mindset and, of course, as a professional, too.

- Kostana Tobol stated that the reason for your leaving were unsatisfactory results but the Kazakhstan press didn’t seem to believe the statement. What was the real reason for resignation?

- I will bring facts. We had the task of appearing on top 6. After the first 6 rounds, the team was the 5th. Then we lost to one of the favorites of Kazakhstan championship, Aktobe, playing with 10 footballers in the second half. And it was still the 7th round. As for the team, the relations with players were excellent - we were as though a family, and the team was making progress in playing as well. And all this was achieved only for a year, while overall 3 years are needed to build a team. We should also consider the team’s financial opportunities.

- People wrote on the forums in Kazakhstan that after the game with Aktobe you argued with the Kostana governor in the locker-room. Everyone is interested what happened in reality.

- Those were private issues inside the team and they should be left inside the team. I will just say that I have my principles in life and football which I try to stick to. I’ve never let anyone interfere with my job as a coach. Only coaches decide who and how should play, what strategy and style to choose for a team.

- Leading media outlets in Kazakhstan write that that the country’s football doesn’t develop first of all because modern infrastructures, sport schools and academies are not built. In your latest press conference, you touched upon this noting that much should be changed to move forward. We know that Kazakhstan spends large amounts of money to develop football but the national team and clubs do not make success on the international arena. However, what do you think should be changed?

- There are 3 key preconditions for football development - football infrastructures, junior football and highly qualified coaches. I’ll talk about Tobol: the team has great young generation and can supply footballers to the first team. There is some progress in Kazakhstan in terms of coaches. A lot of coaches apply up-to-date methods. The clubs register some good results on the international field. There are teams in the premier league which play an interesting football, however, there are setbacks and issues in terms of infrastructures.

The heads of the teams should change their attitudes toward teams and football. I do understand that there is an issue of mentality but I have already said once that there are questions in football that imply one correct answer irrespective of the country and mentality.

Nowadays, manager-coach-football player relations radically differ from the standards accepted before.

- What memories will you have from Kazakhstan, Kostana, Kazakh people and team fans?

- Kazakh people are hospitable, open-hearted and balanced. The team fans who rooted for the team and support it, want to see the team’s success. I have met a lot of good people. I’d like to talk about the team. I’d like to thank the team’s players led by the captain Nurbol Zhumaskaliev for their personal qualities and professionalism. Nurbol is a great professional and is the legend of Kazakhstan football. He may become a good coach in future, benefit Tobol and the whole Kazakh football.

- If you ever get an offer from Kazakhstan, will you accept it?

 - Maybe yes, in case of some necessary preconditions are met.

- You’re already in Armenia. What future plans do you have?

- From today on, I will hold the post of Executive Director of Pyunik FC.

- According to some publications, you already have 2 invitations from foreign clubs. Can you comment on the news?

- There were 2 offers from an agent but as of now I need to analyze many things. Let’s see.

Davit Alaverdyan talked to Vardan Minasyan.


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