Armenian Olympic team: Artur Davtyan

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Mediamax Sport, in its Paris 2024 series, presents gymnast Artur Davtyan, who will take part in his fourth Olympic Games with the goal of winning a second medal.

Birth date, place: August 8, 1992, in Yerevan.

Sport: Gymnast (vault).

Personal coach: Hakob Serobyan.

Family: I am married. I have two daughters – Alisa and Adriana.

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Education: I graduated from the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture.

The uniqueness of this sport: its difficulty - we only have one chance and if we make a mistake, we cannot bring back what we have lost.

The most impressive achievement in the career: It’s difficult to choose, as I have both an Olympic bronze and World gold. However, I believe the World Cup is more valuable because I became the winner.

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The heaviest and unexpected defeat: There have been many. In 2022 I became World champion, and in 2023 I participated with a leg injury. I jumped well on the first day, but things didn’t work out in the final.

The 4th Olympic Games: My first games were in London in 2012. I was quite young, only 19, and I don’t remember much. In Rio in 2016, my goal was to make to the final, but I had just a bad second jump. In Tokyo I was more mature and seriously prepared. Although my second jump was not perfect, I secured third place. God willing, I will prepare well and try to win a gold medal in Paris.

- Artur, tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.

- Perhaps my weakness is kindness, but it is also my strength.

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- The biggest joy you have had recently.

- The birth of my daughter made me happy the most.

- The biggest fear.

- Losing a loved one.

- What do you value most in people?

- Simplicity and purity.

- What is happiness for you?

- When my relatives, friends and family are by my side, it seems to me that there is no greater happiness than that.

- What makes you confident?

- People next to me.

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- We came with you to Yerevan Children’s Railway, when was the last time you were here?

- Since my childhood was spent in Russia, I have only been here once.I brought my daughter, and we boarded the train together, which is not working now. I liked this place, but it needs improvement.

- How would you describe yourself in three words?

- Kind, friendly, sociable.

- The most important achievement in life.

- My family: I have a caring wife and good children.

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- An important event that happened in personal life.

- Yesterday, my little daughter made a few steps.

- What do you need to go to the Olympic Games?

- First you need to earn a quota. Then, you must have good qualities, work hard, listen to your coach, not shy away from difficulties, as nothing comes easy. You have to work hard, practice, set a goal and strive to achieve the maximum, regardless of any hindering circumstances.

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- Why do you think the games are held every four years?

- To make them more valuable and impressive. The long wait also heightens the athletes’ anticipation and makes it feel more like a holiday. When the games were postponed due to COVID-19 in 2020, I had a serious back injury and the pain persisted. However, I managed to recover and win a medal.

- What do Armenians and French have in common?

- First of all, we are friendly countries, and the French have helped us a lot. I participate in the club championship there, they are good people, they love us too. It is possible that the two nations are similar in warmth, but in other respects we are very different. I love France very much and enjoy visiting the country every time.

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-Three things that are special to Paris.

- The Eiffel Tower, people and food.

- What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say France?

- It is the Eiffel Tower and Charles Aznavour, who is very famous in France. When they find out that I’m Armenian, they always treat me differently.

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- Famous French athletes whom you have admired.

- Zinedine Zidane is a real legend, I also follow Kylian Mbappe’s performance, who recently moved to Real Madrid.

- Your favorite Olympic medalist or champion Armenian athletes.

- It is Albert Azaryan. I spent most of my career in the same training hall as him, I have seen how he trained every time with our team and I was very much impressed.

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- And who will you mention from world sports?

- There are many athletes, but for me, Japanese Kohei Uchimura stands out as someone very special. There has never been such an athlete in our sport. He was declared the absolute champion at the Olympic Games and World Cup for two consecutive rounds.

- If you had the chance, which Olympic Games would you participate in?

- I would like to travel back in time and appear at the first Olympic Games. I imagine how interesting and unique they would be.

- What does victory consist of?

- Diligence. You have to work hard to achieve your goal, not only in sports, but also in life, it is impossible to achieve what you want without hard work.

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- Lessons you have learned from defeats.

- After every failed performance, I reflect on my mistakes and analyze them. You always have room to work and correct them. Mistakes are essential in driving us towards perfection. However, the most important lesson is that there are no limits for a person. In sports and in life, continuous improvement is key, because human beings are inherently driven to achieve more. Through this striving, we continually learn and master new skills.

- What is the Armenian Olympic team like, which is smaller in number this time?

- Although the team is not large, it is of better quality. God willing, we all participate well and return with many medals. It will undoubtedly be challenging, but we will try to keep the honor of our country high, because we all suffered and reached the Olympic Games.

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- You have a lot of experience in the Olympic Games. What advice would you give to newcomers?

- The main thing is to persevere and not give up in the face of difficulties, if they aim to win a medal. The road ahead is very challenging, but they should strive to overcome every obstacle.

Artur Davtyan is a two-time European champion, three-time silver and two-time bronze medalist.
Champion of the World and European Games
Olympic bronze medalist
Double Absolute World Cup Winner

Hasmik Babayan spoke with Artur Davtyan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan
Translated by Diana Manukyan


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