In One Shot: Levon Julfalakyan’s Olympic gold

Photo: From personal archive

Greco-Roman style wrestler, World and European champion Levon Julfalakyan won the gold medal in Seoul Olympics in 1988.

His coaching career has turned out to be no less successful, but today Mediamax Sport’s In One Shot column will tell about Levon Julfalakyan’s own Olympic gold.

Julfalakyan had already won the titles in Budapest and Piraeus and arrived in Seoul a World and European champion. He traveled to the Olympic Games aiming for the gold, and the gold only.

The Armenian wrestler beat all his opponents, including a medal favorite Carare Petrica.

Julfalakyan shone in the final, defeating Kim Sung-moon 6-1 despite the entire arena cheering for the Korean athlete.

“I always accepted the win calmly, even at the Olympics. Back at the village, we gathered in my room and the coach opened a bottle of champagne. I drank with everyone, but I never managed to sleep that night. It was during the night that I started realizing what a big achievement it was. I felt so happy, so satisfied,” recalled Julfalakyan.

On the next day, Julfalakyan enjoyed the recognition that came with the win, as many people approached him and asked for autographs.


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