Yana Egorian. “Not many people in Armenia know about my success”:

Yana Egorian
Yana Egorian

Photo: by Dmitri Krasnovski

Born in Armenia, sabre fencer Yana Egorian become champion of Russia in 2012, and team sabre fencing champion of Europe 2013. Yana won silver medal in World championship earlier this year in Budapesht.  At the Inaugural 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore she won two Olympic branded Gold Medals becoming the only Russian fencer ever achieving this feat.

Exclusive interview of Yana Egorian for sport.Mediamax.am.

-Fencing… Not so many children dream about this sport in early age.

-I wasn’t an exception either. I started to train in fenicng accidentally. In N.3 school, where I was studying, they were choosing children for the school fencing group. As I was a very active child and had lots of free time, I decided to start trainings without even thinking. From the very first moment I loved that sport. But I went into professionals only in 2009, when I was first included in cadet team.

Yana Egorian.
Photo by: Dmitriy Krasnovskiy.

-Your first important championship was The Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010.

-That were my first Olympic Games, my dream was becoming reality. I was given a chance to represent Russia in international arena. I was very excited. But that didn’t hinder me to win a gold medal. I was eager to take part in London 2012 Olympics, but

I was also understanding, that I am not ready yet. But, probably, I will be in Russia sabre fencing national team during 2016 Olympics in Rio.

-Were there moments, when you were eager to leave this sport forever?

-There were lots of moments when I wanted to leave everything and go. But every time something stopped me. Maybe it was because fencing always gives me a chance of self expression, and I am a person who always wanted to be independent.

- Sports and everything connected with that is great. But don’t you think about neccessity to have a second profession?

Yana Egorian.
Photo by: Dmitriy Krasnovskiy.

- Sure. I realize that I can’t limit myself only with sports, and it is time to think about future. There are a few plans at the moment, but I don’t want to talk about them now.

- Are the fencers forced to have strict diet?

- Diet is not something that is an obligatory. We eat what we want to eat, but, of course, we have limits. But, to speak the truth, I often “sit myself” on diet. For example, I can be totally hungry for 2 days, and then eat too much. (laughing)

- What is the most important key for victory?

- Power of will and realizing what you exactly want to receive. I never have free time, I am always in sports.

Yana Egorian.

- Describe sabre fencing in one sentence.

- Sabre fencing is beautiful.

- Although you are rather young, but maybe you have already planned how long you are going to stay in sports?

- I have decided the following. When I achieve some success in this sport, I will continue trainings only for being  healthy.

- Let’s talk about your Armenian roots.

-I have lived in Armenia until I was six. I don’t talk Armenian at home, but I understand the language.. I have Armenian friends, but they all live in Russia. I think not many people in Armenia know about my success.

- Yana Egorian’s dream.

Yana Egorian.
Photo by: Dmitriy Krasnovskiy.

-To live for personal pleasure, don’t be dependent on anybody and be the best in work.

- Do your parents have any connection with sports?

-I don’t want to talk about my family. I would only say, that my real father lives in Armenia,

-Yana Egorian is…

-A cheeky, categorical, nervous girl who is in love. (Laughing).

-Yana, what would you advice those girls, who are eager to become fencers?

-Girls, if you are ready to spend all your time on this sport, then you will manage that. But if  boys and expensive cars are all what you think about, then you don’t need this sport.

With best wishes Armenian girl Yanochka.

Narine Daneghyan talked with Yana Egorian.


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